Project UX Design Lead: Mary Formanek
AI chatbot interaction, mobile, and desktop UX, Google Home integration, branding, character illustration, and logo creation.
This project was a waterfall production style, with an internal UX cycle. If you would like to learn more about the UX cycle, please refer to this article.

I led the effort to create the Treadwell Chatbot. Originally the idea was to create a friendly cartoon character bot of the late Mr. Bruce Halle. Since Bruce Halle is the founder of Discount Tire, there would be no one our users should trust more than getting tire advice directly from him.  I spent about two months working on a character design for the concept. 

Unfortunately, this did not test well among the users. We decided to pivot and move to an AI character named Treadwell. I designed the logo and branding for the Treadwell Concept. 

I later did all the UX work for the chatbot experience on our mobile and customer-facing sites.  I was given the privilege to also expand my skills by experimenting with voice AI using Google Home. This would bring the power of Treadwell through your home assistant device.
It seems like a far-fetched idea to have a tire store with some of the most up-to-date tech utilized. When I mention that I worked on the product team at Discount Tire, many people are still confused. But the truth of the matter is, Discount Tire has more up-to-date technology in their stores than some of the big-name stores like Target and Walmart.  While working at Discount tire I was fortunate enough to work on industry-leading mobile tech with zebra devices, AR tech to let customers try tires at home before they bought them, Google home devices, AI chatbots, and in-store kiosks. 
Sketches and thoughts

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