"My job is to understand human psychology and behaviors and analyze human data, to design a system that is easy to use while keeping in mind the technical restraints of the product to achieve business goals.
- Mary
As a Senior UX designer and Experience Lead, Mary has experience creating UX solutions for most up-and-coming tech. She has worked on AR (Augmented Reality) projects, led mobile and kiosk UX teams, designed an interface for a product that was built specifically for Discount Tire, and much more. She has had the privilege of traveling all over the country for multiple teams to conduct 200+ hours of user interviews, evaluations, and testing.

Mary has experience as a design consultant, creative project director, strategic advisor, and problem solver for multiple products and applications. She assured her teams were aligned with the dev team, the project owners, and the customers to guide them toward impactful design outcomes throughout all her engagements. Throughout her career, she provided leadership in all stages of each engagement, and in between engagement assignments. During the time between projects, she went out of her way to reassure her team that there was no need to worry and that this was the normal cycle of things. She established and maintained the highest quality of execution across all her design work, provided a strong point of view, built strong partnerships with her teams, and fostered collaboration with her customer. (Sometimes so well, that she still talks to a handful of her customers despite no longer working for them.)
Specialties: UX leadership, User Experience, Usability evaluations, User Interface, Human-Centered Design (HCD), Extended Reality Design (AR, VR, AI), Product Design, Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Sports Design, Branding:

High score EQ or Emotional Intelligence.

Senior Lead UX Designer
• 9+ Years of UX experience
• 13+ Years of design experience
• Worked for Fandango, NFL Network, AMC, Discount Tire, The Wimbledon Open, University of Phoenix, NGA, United States Army, NASA, Arena Football League teams, Professional Athletes, CDC, FIMA & More.
• NNG Master Certified (One of the small percentage to be certified in all 5 specialties.)
• Lead Director of the UXPA Arizona Chapter
• Hosts the UX TikTok; @UXwithMary
• UX writer on Medium. Articles praised by Harry Brignull and Scott Jenson.

Top skills include:
●  UX Leadership
●  Leading and driving key design activities and deliverables throughout a product lifecycle
●  Leading and supporting team members
●  Mobile UX Design
●  Interactive UX Design
●  UX Psychology
●  Journey Mapping
●  Remote Usability Testing
●  Omni Channel Journey Mapping
●  Extended Reality UX Design for Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
●  User Interviews
●  Application Design for Mobile and Desktop
●  FacilitatingUXworkshops
●  Leading and designing by UX principals
●  Building close relationships with customers and key stakeholders
●  Managing User Experience Strategy
● Problem-solving
●  Facilitating alignment
●  Managing and overseeing complex work streams
● Service Blueprinting
● Effective communication
● Cross-team collaboration
● Empathy
● Working through ambiguity
● Identifying potential issues and proposing adjustments

Shout Outs for Mary
Mary is very dedicated to continuing education. When she is not writing UX articles or teaching UX best practices on Tiktok, she enjoys gaining more skills and certifications in the newest technology. 
Some of her top skills include:
UX Leadership
Mobile UX Design
Interactive UX Design
UX Psychology
Journey Mapping
Remote Usability Testing
Omni Channel Journey Mapping
Extended Reality UX Design for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & More
User Interviews
Application Design for Mobile and Desktop
Facilitating UX workshops
UX principals
Managing User Experience Strategy
Service Blueprinting
Motion Design
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Branding Systems
Icon Design
& so much more!

Mary has expressed interest in completing MIT's 8-week Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Certification Harvard's six-week Leadership and Ethics: Moral Leadership in Personal Practice course in the near future.

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