Lucky Paws Animal Rescue Logo, Treadwell Logo for Discount Tire
Art Key is an NFT creation software that turns your words into unique AI-generated art.

 Mani Mani translates to peanut peanut in Spanish. It is a group dedicated to using peanuts to provide a better education for children in Argentina. The students learn how to grow and take care of the peanut plant. After the peanut is used for food, the shell is made into paper and the red casing is made into ink. It is a no-waste project to better education.
Turn In is a non-profit organization founded by a retired 20-year firefighter-paramedic who was introduced to meditation as a way to calm his mind. He immediately benefited from the effects and was compelled to share the practice with others. Turn In offers first responders coping methods to deal with the effects of critical incidents and trauma calls experienced during their careers. We teach first responders how to calm their minds and find the power of peace through meditation and other mindfulness practices. Our goal is to help first responders quiet their minds, create wellness and develop a renewed sense of control in their lives.
Sniff & Lick
Sniff & Lick is an app for dog owners to meet other dog owners for doggie playdates. The app asks users to input information about their pet, and what they would desire in a doggy playmate. The algorithm sorts the information to match the dogs. Then the owners can swipe left or right depending on whether they would like to set up a play date or not. Like popular dating apps like Tinder, if both owners swipe right, they are able to communicate to set up a date!
ODIN - Internal CACI Brand
Odin internal CACI Brand. I was tasked with re-branding the ODIN mark.
Horton Translations
Horton Translations Branding
San Diego Water Bike Co.
San Diego Water Bikes was a company that used unique water bikes that were easily portable and highly durable to ride the ocean's waves. I created the full branding for the company, including creative directing photoshoots and planning social media posts.
Connexta - Offsite T-shirts
Connexta's 2019 offsite t-shirt designs. I was tasked with designing the t-shirts for the annual offsite. Connexta was composed of offices in four states. Each shirt was supposed to represent each state, so that company employees could figure out where everyone was located at the event.

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